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Friday, January 15, 2010

Move over Hop Head… Make way for the Sour Puss!

Flemish Sour Beers like Monk’s Café Creating Change with Craft Beer Drinkers

written by Steve Villani President of Global Beer Network

Sour beer lovers are paving the way for a fun new beer category that may someday rival the IPA.

India Pale Ales have been the rage of the change in the American beer industry over the last decade. These brews are categorized by the bitter flavor characteristic of the almighty hop leaf. The hoppier the better... The U.S. market has become flooded with this style of brew and Hop Heads from coast to coast could not be more mouthwateringly pleased...

While the IPA craze continues to grow, a new segment is beginning to emerge... THE FLEMISH SOUR... Although the sour category is still a small niche within the already small craft beer segment, the passion for these brews are very similar to their flavor, INTENSE. These beers are definitely an acquired taste like big oaky red wines, but once you're engaged in the craze your taste buds will hold no boundaries.

These ales are complicated to produce but are the passion of many Belgian brewers. The beer is brewed then piped into oak casks where they mature between two and three years!!!

The oak is porous allowing a measured amount of oxygen to invade the brew, which over time thoroughly sours the beer. The finished product, known as the "Mother Brew" is either blended with fresh sweet beer. (Flemish Red) or directly packaged for sale for the most extreme Sour Puss...

Two great examples of these sour beers are Petrus Aged Pale and Monk's Cafe. Aged Pale is the mother brew of the Petrus Aging Cellar from Brouwerij Bavik. This beer was once only used to blend with other Petrus brands until the late great beer writer Michael Jackson persuaded the brewer to package the beer for sale. WARNING: Petrus Aged Pale is for the extreme Sour Puss only...

Many beer lovers replace their New Year's Eve Champagne toast with this type of Ale.

Monk's Cafe is a more-friendly version for Sour Puss wannabees. This beer, brewed by Brouwerij Van Steenberge takes the mother brew and beautifully blends it with fresh sweet beer. The nose has a vinegar bite leading the drinker to believe that the beer will be VERY sour. However, the beer hits the pallet sweet, which causes a true explosion of flavour... Some will tell you the brew is sweet while others will tell you it's sour. This beverage is the perfect match with sweet and sour dishes (Asian Food), Mexican Food, Dessert, or even as a salad dressing...

Monday, January 4, 2010

An Experience of a Lifetime!!!

The Belgian Beer Consumer and Fun tour 2010 will be an experience of a lifetime!!!

2009 tour group at La Ruelles Brewery.

You will meet new people who like to travel and enjoy great Belgian beer!

You will visit three breweries a day and other historical sights!

Indulge in fantastic Belgian beer lunches and dinners every day!

The tour runs from September 12th to September 19th 2010!!!

Brew kettle near Brewery Bavik.

Tour Price Includes:

*Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
*Ground Transportation
*Professional Tour Guide
*Pub Crawls
*Beer tastings at all the Breweries
*Visits to the following sights: the Atomium, the Cinquntenaire Monument, Royal Palace, a castle, Brewery Van Steenberge, Brewery Bavik, Brewery Van Eecke, Brewery De Halve Maan, Brewery Silly, Brewery Roman, Cantillon Lambic, Boon Lambic, De Ryck, Dubisson, Alvinne, Westvletern and Struise Brouwers.

Visit, click on “Beer Travel”, then “Go with us” then “2010 Tour” for more details and to reserve your spot!!!

You can also contact Cassandra at 1-800-442-3379.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Looking to impress your holiday guests---Try this savoring dessert!!!

Greetings from Global Beer Network!!!

The holidays are upon us!!! Are you looking for a good holiday recipe? We thought we would share a recipe that was given to us by one of our brewers. His name is Kris and he is from Brewery Bavik. It is a light dessert called Sabayon and it will surely be a hit at your next holiday party!!!



8 egg yoks
8 Tbsp beer (Petrus Dubbel Bruin)
8 Tbsp sugar


-Beat the egg yolks with the beer in a double boiler pan
-While beating, add the sugar gradually, to prevent the egg yolks from burning.
-Keep on whisking on a very low heat until smooth.
-Serve in a glass (preferably a Petrus glass---you can get this glass at
-Enjoy it with a nice rich Petrus Dubbel Bruin.

If you have any good holiday recipes using our beers then please comment on this post and with your permission, we will post them on our website.


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Friday, December 4, 2009

Share Your Stories About Gulden Draak & Piraat...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Holiday Season!!!

It is that time of year again where people are standing in lines to buy presents, watching holiday movies and drinking egg nog. It can be a stressful time but we at Global Beer Network want to wish you a safe and Happy Holiday season!!!

Anways, Did you ever wonder how people in Belgium celebrate Christmas?

There are actually two Santa Clauses. St. Nicholas is the one that visits the children who speak Waloon. The other one is Pere Noel that visits the children who speak French. St. Nicholas visits the children twice. On December 4th, he sees which ones are good and which ones are bad. Then on December 6th, he delivers toys and candy to the good children and leaves twigs for the bad children. I guess twigs are better than getting coal!!!

Pere Noel visits the children with his companion Pere Fouettard. He gives the good children candies and chocolates. The bad children get a handful of sticks.

St. Nicholas's birthday is on December 6th and he has nothing to do with Christmas. The American culture has brought their traditions over to Belgium in regards to Santa Claus on Christmas. (

And that is what occurs in Belgium!!!
Have a safe and happy Holiday season!!! Enjoy one of our many beers!!!


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